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A. Subject to federal, state and local law, a franchisee shall comply with FCC Rules, Part 76, Subpart K, Section 76.601 through 76.610 and as amended hereafter, and, at the minimum, the following:

1. Applicable city, county, state and national/federal codes, laws and regulations;

2. Applicable utility joint attachment practices;

3. The National Electric Safety Code; ANSI C2;

4. Local utility code requirements;

5. Local rights-of-way procedures, in accordance with ACC Titles 12, 13 and 20.

B. A comprehensive routine preventive maintenance program shall be developed, effected and maintained to ensure continued top quality cable communications operating standards in conformance with FCC Regulations Part 76 and amendments thereto. (Ord. 6238 § 3, 2009; Ord. 4625 § 2, 1993.)