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There is granted to Puget Sound Power and Light Company, a Washington corporation, its successors and assigns, hereinafter called the grantee, for the term of 25 years beginning on the first day of January, 1977, and ending on the thirty-first day of December, 2001, the right, privilege, authority and franchise to set, erect, construct, replace, maintain and use poles and lines of poles (with or without crossarms) and all convenient appurtenances, equipment and facilities for the support thereof, or underground cables with appurtenances thereto where such underground facilities have been specially contracted for, in, upon, over, along and across the public highways and places, as hereinafter defined, in the city of Auburn, and to attach wires and cables to such poles and crossarms and stretch wires and cables from pole to pole and to the premises of patrons for the transmission, distribution and sale of electricity for power, heat, light and any other purpose or purposes for which electricity may be used, whether for municipal, domestic, manufacturing or other uses and purposes, and to charge and collect tolls, rates and compensation for such electricity, and also the right to attach to such poles and crossarms and maintain private telephone wires for the exclusive use of the grantee in connection with its electric business. (Ord. 3121 § 1, 1976.)