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A. Private Maintenance Responsibility. The maintenance and operation of private storm drainage systems shall be the responsibility of the property owner. It shall be the responsibility of the developer to make arrangements with the occupants or owners of the subject property for assumption of operation and maintenance in a manner subject to the approval of the city or in accordance with the operations and maintenance program prepared for the property’s storm drainage facilities. The city may inspect the facilities in order to ensure continued use of the facilities for the purposes for which they were built and in accordance with these arrangements. Failure to maintain the facilities in accordance with the maintenance standards listed in the SWMM shall be considered a violation, enforceable in accordance with Chapter 1.25 ACC.

B. Public Maintenance Responsibility. The city shall be responsible for the maintenance and operation of all public storm drainage facilities located within the public easements and rights-of-way following the completion of a successful maintenance period and the acceptance of such facilities by the city. The maintenance shall be performed in accordance with the standards listed in the SWMM. (Ord. 6617 § 17, 2016; Ord. 6283 § 12, 2009; Ord. 5853 § 1, 2004; Ord. 5212 § 1 (Exh. J), 1999; Ord. 4492 § 4, 1991.)