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A. The comprehensive plan was developed and adopted after significant study and public participation. The principles, goals, objectives and policies contained therein shall be granted substantial weight when considering a proposed amendment. Therefore, the burden of proof for justifying a proposed amendment rests with the applicant, who must demonstrate that the request complies with and/or relates to the following decision criteria:

1. The proposed change will further and be consistent with the goals and objectives of the plan and the plan will remain internally consistent;

2. Whether the capacity to provide adequate services is diminished or increased;

3. Assumptions upon which the comprehensive plan is based are found to be invalid;

4. A determination of change or lack of change in conditions or circumstances has occurred since the adoption of the latest amendment to the specific section of the comprehensive plan that dictates the need for a proposed amendment;

5. If applicable, a determination that a question of consistency exists between the comprehensive plan and Chapter 36.70A RCW, the countywide planning policies for either King and/or Pierce County, as appropriate, and Vision 2040: Growth and Transportation Strategy for the Puget Sound Region;

6. If the request is to change the land use designation of a specific property on the comprehensive land use map, the applicant must demonstrate one of the following:

a. The current land use designation was clearly made in error or due to an oversight;

b. The proposed land use designation is adjacent to property having a similar or compatible designation, or other conditions are present to ensure compatibility with surrounding properties;

c. There has been a change in conditions since the current land use designation came into effect. (Ord. 6172 § 1, 2008.)