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A. Submission Requirements. Whenever an applicant desires to create legal lots by means of a binding site plan pursuant to this chapter in conjunction with a new development or existing development, the applicant shall comply with the requirements of this chapter and shall submit the following in addition to all other information specified in the binding site plan application checklist:

1. Application materials in accordance with ACC 17.02.065.

2. A neighborhood circulation plan meeting the requirements of Chapter 17.16 ACC.

3. Plans. The applicant shall provide the following plan information:

a. Existing Conditions Plan. An existing conditions plan that provides information, including but not limited to: land uses and land development within the vicinity, project site detail, and location, names, details relating to existing and proposed structures, existing and proposed infrastructure, and other details as required by the binding site plan application.

b. Binding Site Plan. The proposed binding site plan and details as noted in the binding site plan application checklist.

c. Narrative. A comprehensive narrative addressing how the development complies with the technical standards in Chapter 17.14 ACC (Improvement Requirements – Subdivisions), applicable standards of ACC Titles 12 (Streets, Sidewalks and Public Works), 13 (Water, Sewers and Public Utilities), 15 (Buildings and Construction), 16 (Environment), 18 (Zoning) and 19 (Impact Fees) and the applicable plan policies of the comprehensive plan outlined by staff as being applicable to the proposed development.

d. Conceptual utility/site grading plan and/or methodology prepared in accordance with the city’s comprehensive plans, standards or ordinance requirements inclusive of adequate horizontal and vertical information to ensure that utilities can be constructed consistent with the binding site plan layout and the location of other utilities other than those provided by the city.

e. Conceptual transportation site plan for streets, pedestrian, and bike facilities inclusive of adequate horizontal and vertical information to ensure the transportation facilities can be constructed consistent with the binding site plan layout.

f. Title report, with liability for errors not to exceed the assessed value of the lots on the date of application. The title report shall be issued no more than 30 days prior to the application date. (Ord. 6239 § 1, 2009.)