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A. The city is divided into the following classes of zones:

1. RC, residential conservancy zone (one dwelling unit per four acres);

2. R-1, residential zone (one dwelling unit per acre);

3. R-5, residential zone (five dwelling units per acre);

4. R-7, residential zone (seven dwelling units per acre);

5. R-10, residential zone (10 dwelling units per acre);

6. R-16, residential zone (16 dwelling units per acre);

7. R-20, residential zone (20 dwelling units per acre);

8. RMHC, manufactured/mobile home community zone;

9. RO, residential office zone, and RO-H, residential office-hospital zone;

10. C-N, neighborhood shopping zone;

11. C-1, light commercial zone;

12. C-2, central business zone;

13. C-3, heavy commercial zone;

14. C-4, mixed-use commercial zone;

15. M-1, light industrial zone;

16. M-2, heavy industrial zone;

17. LF, airport landing field zone;

18. P-1, public use zone;

19. UNC, unclassified use zone;

20. I, institutional use zone;

21. DUC, downtown urban center zone;

22. OS, open space zone.

B. The zones set out in subsection A of this section are established as the designations, locations, and boundaries thereof as set forth and indicated on the zoning map.

C. The intent statement for each zone set forth in this title shall be used to guide the application of the zones to all lands in the city of Auburn. The intent statements shall guide interpretation and application of land use regulations within the zones, and any change to the range of allowed uses within each zone through amendment to this title. (Ord. 6885 § 1 (Exh. A), 2022; Ord. 6677 § 1, 2018; Ord. 6245 § 2, 2009.)