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A. Fences and Hedges. Fences shall be decorative and relate architecturally to the associated building. Acceptable materials are brick, wood, stone, metal, or textured concrete. Colored chain link fences may be allowed subject to the planning director’s approval. Barbed wire or razor wire fences are not permitted. For further information on fencing see ACC 18.31.020. The provisions of this section shall not apply to temporary fences during construction projects permitted by the city.

B. Loading and unloading docks shall not be visible from the street.

C. Mechanical equipment on rooftops shall be sited and designed to minimize noise and effectively screen the equipment from view from adjacent properties and rights-of-way. The following methods, or a combination thereof, may be used:

1. Set back from the roof edge to obscure visibility from below;

2. Integration into the building architecture, using building walls, roof wells or roof parapets to conceal the equipment;

3. Equipment enclosure or sight-obscuring fencing or landscaping;

4. Overhead trellis or roof to obscure visibility from above.

Materials used to screen mechanical equipment shall be the same as or compatible with the design of the principal structure. (Ord. 6433 § 26, 2012.)