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A. All single-family dwellings (including manufactured homes) located in residential zones shall meet all of the following criteria:

1. May not have previously had a title granted to a retail purchaser and may not be a used mobile home as defined by RCW 82.45.032(2), now or hereafter amended.

2. Be built to meet or exceed the standards established by federal law 42 USC 5401 through 5403, now or hereafter amended.

3. Be thermally equivalent or better to that required by the state energy code for new residential structures, now or hereafter amended.

4. Be set on and securely attached to a permanent foundation as specified by the manufacturer.

5. Proof of title elimination is required prior to building occupancy.

6. Be connected to required utilities that include plumbing, heating and electrical systems.

B. All single-family dwellings (including manufactured homes) shall comply with the following siting and design standards:

1. The design and construction of the foundation must meet the requirements of the International Building Code, now or hereafter amended;

2. The gap from the bottom of the structure to the ground, around the entire perimeter of the structure, shall be enclosed by concrete or other concrete product as approved by the building official, which may or may not be load-bearing.

C. The above requirements do not apply to single-family dwellings sited within the R-MHC residential manufactured/mobile home community zone. (Ord. 6245 § 15, 2009.)