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The following development standards shall apply to all heliports, excluding those developed as part of the Auburn Airport:

A. Meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements;

B. Meet the current National Fire Protection Agency 403 requirements;

C. Be consistent with the Auburn Municipal Airport requirements;

D. The size of the landing pad must be one and one-half times the size of the largest helicopter to use the site;

E. The landing pad must be paved, and a source of water available to keep the pad clean, additional fences and/or screens may also be required to reduce any flying debris;

F. The location of the heliport shall be compatible with adjacent uses and should be located away from schools and populated areas to include residential, commercial, industrial and other public use areas;

G. Additional requirements may also be assessed with regard to fences, hours of operation, lighting, setbacks or easements. (Ord. 6245 § 15, 2009.)