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A. Parking Requirements. There must be one off-street parking stall that meets city standards of ACC 18.52.050, Parking design, development, and maintenance standards, per tenant. The applicant must demonstrate that each off-site parking space is under their ownership. In condominium or townhouse communities the applicant can also provide legal documentation that demonstrates that they have exclusive use of a common area parking space. The city shall reduce the off-street parking requirement if the property owner provides and maintains a notarized affidavit signed separately by each tenant, certifying that a tenant does not own a vehicle or have control of a vehicle while at the residence. A copy of the affidavit must be provided to the city upon request.

B. Solid Waste Management Requirements.

1. ACC 8.08.070 requires all occupied communal residences to have minimum garbage service. The landlord is required to provide tenants with adequate garbage and recycle receptacles meeting the minimum garbage service level of this section.

2. The landlord is responsible to provide each tenant with the solid waste collection schedule at the time of the tenant’s initial occupancy and that schedule is to be posted within the unit.

C. Periodic Inspection Required. Upon written request, the communal rental housing owner or manager shall allow inspection of the communal rental housing residential units consistent with their ability to do so under the requirements of the landlord-tenant statutes of the state of Washington and the Auburn City Code, including ACC 5.22.050(C)(3). The city may, with the legally obtained consent of an occupant or owner or manager, or pursuant to a lawfully issued warrant, enter any building, structure or premises in the city to inspect or perform any duty imposed by this code.

D. Occupancy Limits.

1. International Property Maintenance Code occupancy requirements are applicable to a communal residence regardless of the number of individuals living in the residence.

2. The occupancy limit for a communal residence shall not exceed four people. (Ord. 6560 § 10, 2015; Ord. 6477 § 9, 2013; Ord. 6245 § 15, 2009.)