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A. Supportive housing projects allowed pursuant to ACC 18.07.020 shall comply with the following standards:

1. Minimum lot area per unit: 1,200 square feet.

2. For lots with an area of up to one acre, the maximum number of units allowed is 25; for lots with an area greater than one acre, the maximum number of units allowed is 50.

3. Maximum lot size: two acres.

4. Minimum separation from other supportive housing projects: five miles.

5. Maximum unit size: 450 square feet (on-site manager unit excepted).

6. Shall provide an on-site resident manager who is accountable to the owner or manager of the supportive housing project.

7. Appropriate off-site support services shall be available within 1,000 feet. Off-site support services shall provide residents with case management services, medication monitoring, help with vocational training and goals, access to chemical dependency services, assistance with activities of daily living, etc.

8. Registered sex offenders shall not be allowed to reside within supportive housing projects located within 880 feet of a school, church, daycare facility or public park.

9. A written management plan shall be provided for the review and approval of the planning director. At a minimum, a management plan shall address the following:

a. The specific nature of the supportive housing project and its intended occupants;

b. Its potential impact on nearby residential uses and proposed methods to mitigate those impacts;

c. Identification of the project management or agency to whom support staff are responsible and who will be available to resolve concerns pertaining to the facility;

d. Identification of staffing, supervision and security arrangements appropriate to the facility;

e. If the planning director determines at any time there is evidence of fraud in obtaining the permit; concealment or misrepresentation of any material fact on the application or on any subsequent applications or reports; or that the supportive housing project is found to be in violation of the approved plans, conditions of approvals, or the terms of the permit or management plan, and the owner has failed to correct the violation after proper notice thereof; then the planning director may order the closure of the project.

10. If a supportive housing project is discontinued or abandoned, future use of the property shall be in conformance with the use and development standards of the R-20 zone. (Ord. 6245 § 15, 2009.)