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Supplemental development standards for the R-MHC district are as follows:

A. Recreational Vehicle Storage Area. A fenced and screened storage area shall be provided, the size of which shall be 300 square feet of area for each 10 homes. The storage area shall not abut property other than that which is zoned R-MHC.

B. Recreation Area. A central recreation area shall be established in each community created pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. The size of the area shall be at least 200 square feet per home site. The recreation area may contain community clubhouses, swimming pools, shuffleboard courts and similar facilities. The planning director may permit decentralization of the recreation facilities in accordance with principles of good planning; provided, that the total recreation area meets the above stated minimum size.

C. Space Identification. Each manufactured home site shall be plainly marked and numbered for identification.

D. Community Office. Every community shall provide a permanent building to be used as an office for community management.

E. Streets. Internal private community streets shall be provided in such a pattern as to provide convenient traffic circulation, including fire and other equipment responding to emergencies, within the community. They shall be built to the following standards:

1. The width of all private community streets shall be not less than 34 feet including curbs. Street widths of 24 feet may be permitted in communities; provided, that adequate off-street parking is provided at the ratio of one off-street parking space for each manufactured home site within the community. The location and placement of the off-street parking spaces will be subject to approval by the planning director. No on-street parking will be permitted on street widths of less than 34 feet and signs designating “no parking” and “fire lane” must be placed on both sides of the street and so marked on the final plans.

2. All public streets abutting a community shall be improved in conformance with the city’s design and construction standards.

3. There shall be curbing constructed to city design and construction standards on each side of all private community streets.

4. The private community streets shall be paved in accordance with the city’s design and construction standards.

5. Private community streets shall be lighted in accordance with the city’s design and construction standards.

6. Minimum radii on private community street curves shall not be less than 45 feet.

F. For those communities that had been approved prior to June 15, 1987, the adoption date of Zoning Ordinance No. 4229, the placement or replacement of any home shall either be in conformance with this chapter or the site plan which had been previously approved by the city. For those communities which do not have an approved site plan, the replacement of a home shall either be consistent with this chapter or the location of the previous home. In no case shall any applicable fire or building code requirements be lessened. (Ord. 6245 § 15, 2009.)