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The independent salary commission shall have the following responsibilities:

A. To study the relationship of salaries to the duties of the city council members and the mayor and those of comparable cities, as defined hereinabove, and to establish a salary for the mayor and a uniform salary for all council members, as described hereinabove, by either increasing or decreasing the existing salaries for the city council and the mayor by an affirmative vote of not less than three members;

B. To review salary schedules and file its amending salary schedules, if any, not later than May 31st of every year; provided, that this does not preclude the independent salary commission from reviewing and amending salary schedules more often than once per year if circumstances warrant;

C. To submit each amended salary schedule to the city clerk, who will publish the complete schedule two times, at least one week apart, in the official newspaper of the city. The second publication date will be the official filing date. The schedule will become effective 30 days after this date. (Ord. 6681 § 1, 2018; Ord. 6504 § 1, 2014.)