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The planning and development department shall supervise and control the following:

A. Preparation and implementation of the budget for the department;

B. Formulate and recommend comprehensive goals on planning;

C. Ensure compliance with statutory requirements relative to environmental issues;

D. Direct preparation and review of environmental impact statements and technical reports and determine final action on environmental issues;

E. City’s responsible official for SEPA compliance;

F. Provide staff to planning commission, human resources committee, hearing examiner and planning and development committees;

G. Coordinate with public works and parks and recreation department to ensure departmental plans are compatible with the comprehensive plan;

H. Coordinate with police, fire, public works and parks and recreation department regarding developer plans to ensure department ability to provide required services to developing areas;

I. Represent city on regional issues;

J. Coordinate with other jurisdictions and agencies to resolve issues with neighboring jurisdictions;

K. Develop and maintain the comprehensive plan and special purpose plans;

L. Provide lead in annexation issues;

M. Develop and maintain zoning ordinance;

N. Act as liaison to Auburn Chamber of Commerce and Auburn Downtown Association;

O. Ensure compliance with the Growth Management Act;

P. Oversee process for new developments;

Q. Oversee variance requests;

R. Provide support to hearing examiner. (Ord. 6287 § 1, 2010; Ord. 4729 § 3, 1996.)