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The following definitions shall apply throughout this chapter:

A. “Public work” shall be as defined in RCW 39.04.010, as currently enacted or hereinafter amended. All public work, including maintenance, when performed by contract shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 39.12 RCW. A “public work” shall include all scope of work necessary to result in a complete operating facility. The total scope of work necessary will not be subdivided for the purpose of avoiding public bidding.

B. “Contract” shall mean a contract in writing for the execution of public work for a fixed or determinable amount duly awarded in conformance with this code.

C. “Improvements” refers to a public work.

D. “Responsible bidder” means a contractor who meets the criteria in RCW 39.04.350 and the requirements of ACC 3.12.050. (Ord. 6765 § 1 (Exh. A), 2020; Ord. 6545 § 1, 2014; Ord. 4924 § 2, 1997; Ord. 4581 § 2, 1992.)