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A. Unless otherwise specifically provided in this title, the owner of any animal impounded under this title shall redeem said animal within 72 hours from time of notice of impound pursuant to ACC 6.01.050 by paying the appropriate redemption fee as well as any applicable boarding charge for the caring and keeping of such animal. All fees and charges must be paid and the owner must sign an acknowledgment that they are aware of the obligations and responsibilities of animal owners pursuant to this title prior to redeeming the animal. A dog or cat may not be redeemed unless it is properly licensed.

B. If an impounded animal is not redeemed by the owner within 72 hours from time of impounding notice of impound pursuant to ACC 6.01.050, then the animal shall become the property of the animal shelter, and any person may adopt it by complying with the animal shelter’s adoption provisions. In the event that such animal is not redeemed or adopted within 120 hours after notice of impoundment, it may be humanely euthanized or otherwise disposed of within the discretion of the animal shelter. It is provided, however, that if the animal control officer and/or the animal shelter deem(s) the impounded animal to be dangerous and/or unadoptable, the animal may be humanely euthanized after 72 hours from time of impounding notice of impound pursuant to ACC 6.01.050. (Ord. 6529 § 2, 2014; Ord. 6424 § 1, 2012.)