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A. The location of the commercial and multifamily areas shall generally be consistent with the site plan entitled “Terrace View – Apartments” and labeled as “Exhibit A.” The commercial area shall not exceed 10 acres.

B. Minor Site Plan Amendment. Minor amendments to the approved site plan may be made after review and approval by the planning director. Minor amendments are those which may affect the precise dimensions, design or arrangement of the buildings or other on-site improvements. A minor amendment will not change the basic character or design of the original approval or increase the impacts of the proposed development.

C. Major Site Plan Amendment. Major amendments are those that the planning director determines are significant changes to the design, character, intensity, density, use, etc., of the original site plan.

A major site plan amendment will require a public hearing to be conducted by the hearing examiner who shall make a recommendation to the city council regarding the major amendment. (Ord. 5377 § 2, 2000.)