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The city attorney shall advise authorities and officers on all legal matters pertaining to the business of the city and shall approve all ordinances as to form. They shall represent the city in all actions brought by or against the city, or against city officials in their official capacity. They shall perform such other duties as the city council by ordinance may direct. Included in the foregoing and in addition thereto, the city attorney shall:

A. Attend all meetings of the city council, including regular, special and interim meetings, as well as all regular meetings of the planning commission and board of adjustment of the city;

B. Attend meetings, upon request, of all other official boards and commissions of the city, as well as all ad hoc committees or subcommittees of the city council;

C. Maintain an office in space furnished by the city in the City Hall building during regular business hours Monday through Friday, except during those periods of time when the presence of either them or their assistant is required out of the office in the performance of official legal business for the city;

D. Answer inquiries from citizens for information concerning city matters;

E. Consult interested officials and officers concerning, and prepare all resolutions, ordinances, petitions, contracts, leases, easements, deeds, notices and other legal documents, and suggest legislation, where the responsibility for preparation is upon the city, or requested by city officials; examine and approve or suggest changes in all such instruments when the duty of preparation rests upon others than the city;

F. Advise the council, boards, commissions, department heads and other city officials and officers, rendering formal legal opinions when requested, or when it appears to the attorney necessary or advisable;

G. Prosecute in the court of criminal jurisdiction, and on appeal in appellate courts, all alleged violations of city ordinances, and actions to recover licenses, penalties and forfeitures. Advise the proper officials and officers on the filing of complaints therefor;

H. Prosecute and/or defend, in courts of original jurisdiction, and on appeal, all civil actions brought by or against the city, or against officials, officers and employees in their official capacity, including condemnation proceedings. Participate in consultations concerning settlement of claims against the city, or its officials, officers and employees in their official capacities; provided, that where insurance counsel also defends the city, the main burden of such actions may be left to such counsel. See to the ultimate enforcement of all judgments and decrees rendered in favor of the city in any action or suit;

I. Participate in the expedition of bond issues, providing this shall not require an opinion of the validity of the bonds in any case where special bond counsel is retained by the city or any prospective bond buyer;

J. On request, participate in and consult concerning intergovernmental relations in which the city is concerned;

K. Perform such other duties as may be required by the laws of the state.

Provided, however, the duties of the city attorney as prescribed in this section shall not prohibit the employment of special counsel to assist the city attorney in unusual cases of a specialized nature, when such employment is authorized by the city council. (Ord. 6532 § 3, 2014; 1957 code § 1.05.010.)