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Wireless facilities of any kind will not interfere with any emergency, communication, or utility infrastructure systems of the city.

A. If the city notifies service providers that their equipment is potentially interfering with public safety communications equipment, the providers will cooperate and coordinate with the city and among themselves to investigate and mitigate the interference, if any, utilizing the procedures set forth in the joint wireless industry – public safety “Best Practices Guide,” released by the FCC in February 2001, including the “Good Engineering Practices,” as may be amended or revised by the FCC from time to time.

B. If any service provider or facility owner fails to cooperate with the city in complying with the owner’s obligations under this section or if the FCC makes a determination of radio frequency interference with the city communications equipment, the owner who fails to cooperate and/or the owner of the facility or facilities which caused the interference will be responsible, upon FCC determination of radio frequency interference, for reimbursing the city for all costs associated with ascertaining and resolving the interference, including but not limited to any engineering studies obtained by the city to determine the source of the interference. For the purposes of this subsection, failure to cooperate will include failure to initiate any response or action as described in the “Best Practices Guide” within 24 hours of the city’s notification. (Ord. 6798 § 3 (Exh. C), 2020; Ord. 6707 § 1 (Exh. A), 2018.)