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The rules and regulations contained in this chapter are made only for the benefit of the grave owners and are designed to limit their rights insofar as such limitations are for the benefit of all. If rules and regulations are not made, the exercise by certain ones, of what would seem to be their proper rights, would interfere with the rights and enjoyment of others, as well as destroy the general scheme and beauty of the property. No rule has been adopted except as is necessary to preserve the rights of all for whom the city considers itself the trustee.

These rules and regulations may be changed or amended at any time by the city council, and will be so changed and amended when any rule is found to be detrimental to the best interests of the grave owners as a whole or when new conditions require the adoption of other or further regulations.

Copies may be had upon application to the city clerk. (Ord. 4485 § 3, 1991; 1957 code § 10.02.020.)