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A. An alarm user shall:

1. Maintain the alarm site and the alarm system in a manner that will minimize or eliminate false alarms;

2. Make every reasonable effort to arrive at the alarm system’s location within 30 minutes after being requested by the monitoring company or police department in order to:

a. Deactivate an alarm system;

b. Provide access to the alarm site; and/or

c. Provide alternative security for the alarm site.

3. Provide the alarm company with the updated names and telephone numbers of at least two individuals who are able and have agreed to:

a. Receive notification of an alarm system activation at any time;

b. Respond to the alarm site at any time; and

c. Provide access to the alarm site and deactivate the alarm system, if necessary.

4. Not activate an alarm system for any reason other than an occurrence of an event that the alarm system was intended to report.

B. No person shall operate or cause to be operated any automatic dialing device which, when activated, uses a telephone device or attachment to automatically dial a telephone line leading into the police department or the city and then transmit any pre-recorded message or signal. An administrative fee of $100.00 per incident will be assessed.

C. An alarm user shall keep a set of written operating instructions for each alarm system at each alarm site.

D. All alarm users shall agree with their alarm installation company or monitoring company to go through an “acclimation period” for the first seven days after activation of a burglar alarm system, during which time the alarm installation company or monitoring company will have no obligation to respond to, nor will it respond to, any alarm signal from the alarm site, or make an alarm dispatch request to a police response agency, even if the alarm signal is the result of an actual alarm event. Exceptions to the “acclimation period” of nonresponse can be made by the police department in special circumstances, including but not limited to domestic violence and stalking.

E. An alarm user shall have an alarm installation company inspect the alarm system after two false alarms in their one-year permit period to modify the alarm system to be more false-alarm-resistant or provide additional user training as appropriate. (Ord. 6216 § 1, 2009.)